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Message Subject Meditation and Benzo withdrawl symptoms- Opens your spirit
Poster Handle noexcuses27
Post Content
Anybody else notice this? Here I went to the doc because Igot anxiety realizing I was messing with Everything I shouldnt have been, as A believer in the Living God, and His Christ, and the doctor gives me medication that made it worse. The Benzos over the past year and few months have perpetuated and exsterbated the initial symptoms I went in for because of messing with meditation. And come to find out coming of of them is damn near one of the hardest things to come off of because your not in any way out of the clear when the drug goes out of your system, no! Your body has chemical changes that have taken place that only time can heal with a lot of hell that goes with it. Many of the withdrawl symtpoms from coming off of benzos typify what some would consider to be demonic interfereance and oppression. THis stuff opens up your spirit I believe and rapes your individuatily/ego/sense of self, Just like the meditation. So anyways. I guess that fits right in with the secret covenant, stealing out minds and serving us poinson. They have cast fire into thy sancturary! Anybody else come to similar conclusion?
 Quoting: Catch... my... Drift ...

I experienced this. last week I was withdrawing from clonazepam (I've been prescribed to this terrible drug since I was 16) and it felt like I was fighting for my soul. I had to fight them off, I though I was dying. it was terrible.
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