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Message Subject The Start of Creation-In my Words
Poster Handle Catch... my... Drift ...
Post Content
From out of the infinite void it came foward, from within the incomprehensible
silence, like a fresh flower in the spring blooming forth at its proper time,
the gleaming light of life pierced the veil of perpetual darkness as a
glamourous beam which emenated fourth from a diamond, it expanded in the
nothingness that was, and shimmered fourth as a beauty beyond comprehension,
HOLY, which had up to that point remained modestly concealed. The movement of
this shimmering light brought fourth astonishment among the emptiness that was,
which was all that had remained and existed for innumerable eons of non existence.
As the light came out from the void and dazzled the darkness it swirled into a
whirlpool, the mixture of the void with the light became as a dance among
lovers, with the longing contemplation of the perfection that was to come and be
created in time, the uncreated potential that would manifest fourth endless
tales of serenity and love among that which was still concealed.
 Quoting: Catch... my... Drift ...

 Quoting: Catch... my... Drift ...

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