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The body of glory is the body of immortality, body of light. We all carry this body of glory within us like a seed that we've to develop

Anonymous Coward
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03/08/2013 09:40 AM
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The body of glory is the body of immortality, body of light. We all carry this body of glory within us like a seed that we've to develop
The body of glory is the body of immortality, the body of light. We all carry this body of glory within us like a seed that we have to develop.

How? Well, how does a mother form her child? A child is also a seed to begin with, but by eating, breathing, thinking about it, and loving it, she gives it the materials it needs in order to develop. It is she who forms her child, so she must be vigilant in her thoughts and feelings, so as to form it with all that is best in her. It is the same for the body of glory.

How we help the body of glory to grow

We could say that the body of glory is the body – or dwelling or temple – that we build for the Christ-principle within us. When we experience a highly elevated state of consciousness, we attract luminous particles that contribute to the formation of our body of glory. This is how we help it to grow. It can develop only if it is given the best of ourselves, and if we nourish it with our flesh and blood, our fluid, our very life for a long time, one day it will begin to shine. The body of glory is made of materials that are pure light which neither rust nor tarnish. This is why it is immortal and works wonders, firstly within us and then outside of us.

Every human being can build their body of glory, on one condition, that they endeavour to outdo and surpass themselves in order to attract the purest and most luminous particles. As long as human beings remain on the level of ordinary consciousness, they attract elements, of course, but these elements serve to feed only their astral body. And then their astral body swells up, like that of the rich man in the parable, and prevents them from passing through the gateway to the kingdom of God. Something within us is constantly being fed by our thoughts and feelings, by the way we live, and it is up to us to choose what we want to feed: our lower bodies or our body of glory. The construction of the body of glory is a long-term undertaking, that is true, but you can all start today. By learning to bring order to your psychic life, by learning to purify and harmonize it, you elevate your level of consciousness and attract materials of the very highest quality.

This is what we do when we watch the sunrise every morning. In our minds, as we distance ourselves from the earth and connect with heaven, with the sun, we take a few very luminous particles to add them to our body of glory. But whether we are gazing at the sun, at the top of a mountain, in a church, or at home, the process is the same. We can always search for, find, and attract the best particles in order to build our body of glory, which becomes our own body. Then, the day we have to leave behind our physical body, which is no more than a wrapping, we go off into space with this luminous body that is the true temple of God. It is in this body that we will live eternally. We will not die and we will regain all the powers we possessed in the distant past, while we were still close to God's heart: animals will obey us, the spirits will serve us. Indeed, all the forces of the visible and invisible worlds are at the disposal of those who succeed in building their body of glory, because they have become true children of God. And it is in this body, not in the physical body, that God comes to dwell.

Become a temple builder

These truths are not new; they were already known in ancient initiations. The true teaching of Freemasonry for instance, which goes back thousands of years, teaches man to become the builder of his own spiritual temple by means of symbolic materials and tools which he must know and be able to use. One of the symbolic representations of this temple is the New Jerusalem referred to by St John in Revelations: a city of perfect dimensions, with foundations of precious stones, streets of pure gold, transparent as glass, and twelve gates of pearl. The New Jerusalem is not a city in the usual sense of the word, but a symbolic structure representing a human being, ourselves, the ‘new man’ with his twelve ‘gates’ of pearl which are the virtues. We also saw that God inhabits this new man as pure light, which banishes all darkness.

The New Jerusalem is the body of glory, the temple that we must all build within ourselves using the tools and materials God has given us. Every disinterested, generous, sincere impulse, every spiritual emanation adds something to the construction of your inner temple, the new Jerusalem, your body of glory. And each time you are in touch with the truly beautiful, each time a masterpiece of art or of thought, or the contemplation of a beautiful view brings you into contact with the divine world and you feel that your whole being quivers and expands, remember to consecrate these few particles of pure joy emanating from you, so that they go to nourish your body of glory.

Happy are those who have understood that the time has come! Happy are those who work at building their temple, who have decided to bring the Creator into their inner temple! Happy and blessed are they, because they will see the glory of God!


You understand now, what true resurrection is. It is this intense life that enables man to build his body of glory. Resurrection is not the resurrection of the physical body after death. It concerns our body, yes, but the body concerned is the body of glory, that is, the physical body so purified and vivified by the spirit that when it disappears at the time of death, it makes way for a body of light. This work of purification is accomplished by human beings themselves during the course of their successive incarnations. You must not be misled into thinking that every poor wretch who has been buried will rise at the end of time in a body of light. This must be quite clear: contrary to what the Church teaches, the physical body will not resurrect at the end of time, and there is no need either to wait for the end of time before resurrecting in your luminous body. But it is up to each one of us to build our body of light, our body of resurrection, and it may even manifest itself during this life, as Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain proves.


The transfiguration of Jesus was the sudden bursting out of his spiritual body, his body of glory, on the physical plane, and the sight was unbearable, because it was no longer the physical light to which our eyes are accustomed, but spiritual light, which is the expression of a life so intense that it can strike us down. This is why it is said that the disciples fell to the ground. The moment had not yet come for Jesus to detach his body of glory from his physical body so as to inhabit it permanently, but he was already able to manifest it in all its glory.

A few people have been able to see the body of glory of certain initiates when they were in a state of rapture and ecstasy. Their faces became radiant, and light emanated from the whole of their being. It is thanks to this body that initiates can travel in space and across mountains and penetrate even to the centre of the earth, because no material obstacle stands in its way. It can even help people from a distance. Yes, and even if an initiate’s physical body is ill, he can continue to work and send help, for the physical body and the body of glory are two totally different realities. Even if an initiate is ill or dying, even if he is dead, his body of glory is still there, alive and radiant, and still able to touch creatures at a distance in order to instruct, advise, and console them and give them his blessing. Only the body of glory is immortal, because the elements that have gone into its construction are of incorruptible material and they do not disintegrate. This is why before leaving his disciples, Jesus said to them: ‘I am with you always, to the end of the age.’

‘Now you must do as I did’

The ideal every true disciple seeks to attain is to build, in the depths of his physical body, the body that is known as the body of glory, the body of immortality, the body of Christ, which is the true body of resurrection. How did Jesus become the Christ? Long, long ago I asked him that question and he said: ‘I have left a mark on earth, and that mark is indelible because I succeeded in building my body of glory. I loved God, I wanted to resemble him, and a multitude of beings and forces came to my assistance. I worked with only my thoughts and my love, but I was not alone; I called upon all the creatures of the celestial hierarchies and they came to replace the matter of my body with luminous and divine particles. They sanctified everything within me. My ideal was to resemble my heavenly Father, and I became like him. Now you must do as I did.’

This is what Jesus told me, and if you too love this high ideal, it will attract angels to you who will work to purify and transform you until all the matter of your being is illuminated by the spirit. To become like his heavenly Father, Jesus also had to have this high ideal, but it was not he who replaced every cell, every particle of his body. No human being is capable of that. There are other entities who are capable of changing the structure of matter, and we only have to invite them in. That is our work; as for them, they take on the other part of the work. When the man has deposited a seed into the woman’s womb, it is not up to her to choose and organize the elements that will go to build the body of her child. How could she? There are billions of particles, and how could she arrange them correctly to form the limbs and the organs: the heart, the lungs, the brain, and so on? There are other entities who take charge of this, thousands and thousands of them. In the same way an initiate who is conscious that the seed of the body of Christ is within him sets certain processes in motion, directs them, and then all the powers of heaven and earth take charge of the rest. This too is what Jesus explained to me.

And now, ask Jesus this question: ‘Should we be listening to our master, to what he tells us, to what he teaches us? Should we follow him?’ His answer will be: ‘Your master is my servant, he has learned a great deal from me, and he is passing this on to you. If you follow him you will advance on the path of evolution much more rapidly.’

May light and peace be with you!

Anonymous Coward
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04/17/2020 04:28 PM
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Re: The body of glory is the body of immortality, body of light. We all carry this body of glory within us like a seed that we've to develop