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Message Subject We need a washout in gold and silver...
Poster Handle Punk-A$$ets
Post Content

I hope so...
 Quoting: Carol B.

Me too. I could easily see a stomach churning washout type crash followed by a mega rally to new highs.
 Quoting: Punk-A$$ets

By the way, I dont mean gold sees new highs instantly. I mean a C rise 'mega trend' that lasts a few years. This downtrend alone could last for many months.
 Quoting: Punk-A$$ets

Short of war, gold and silver will continue downward.

TPTB have PMs by the paper balls.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1409758

My ass. True economic pain is all it'll take for gold to blast off to new highs. Not war. Not paper printing. Its all about confidence. Anyone who buys into a bona fide recovery may as well shit in one hand and wish in the other.
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