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Message Subject The Vatican outlawed The Bible in 1229
Poster Handle Paddy
Post Content

I understand but what I'm saying that I don't see this distortion as literally worshiping the sun.

In other words if you can convince a population to worship an object in the sky because someone else told them to do so then how are they ever going to be expected to figure out which god is the real one?

If this were the case the human race will never figure it out.
 Quoting: Paddy

Think not as literally but figuratively. Constantine hated the true Sabbath and therefore on March 7th, 0321 he declared Sunday the official day of rest in the Roman Empire.

Many 'true' Christians were killed at that point for flat out rejecting 'Sunday' as the day of rest and worship. Jews in particular, that is Jews that had accepted the messiah.

The scriptures were changed accordingly to 'cover up' this fact. Acts being a good example as the original Greek states in Acts 20:7 "unto a Sabbath, unto a Sabbath....."

The lie states, " on the first day of the week the disciples came to break bread." That lie was inserted to cover up the churches sinfulness. And, yes, the church knew exactly what it was doing.

So, if your in the Woman and haven't come out of Her one will be judged according to Her crimes. Why? The words of God state such.

So yes Christians, literally worship the Son of God as a false God because the Son is not the Father, and figuratively because they worship the on the same day as the pagans worshipped their Sun God, double whammy!
 Quoting: ParadigmShift

This is something that I knew but had forgotten about, at least to this detail.

Even so, I still think that much more of this entire subject matter is allegorical. I think to the size and scope of the universe and what made it that way and such simple notions such as Saturday vs. Sunday isn't really the point after all. I see this issue as a dichotomy that represents something much more profound than days of the week.

Really, can that which created the universe show us something and allow it to be so easily corrupted that it can be done so by decree and then blame us for not being smart enough to figure it out?
 Quoting: Paddy

When you come to know the Father you will understand the importance of the Sabbath. He created it for 'us' and showed us that He rested and we should to. This day was forever to be followed as discussed in Deuteronomy.

The New Covenant explained best in the words of Jeremiah Chapter 31. It has nothing to do with what people 'teach' today.

The Gospel of Phillip quotes Christ as saying, "and those that don't observe the Sabbath as a Sabbath will not see the Father."

So my point is, if The Lord and God of all rested on the Sabbath could you say that a blatant disregard for His most sacred day would be likened to slapping Him on His face? Are you above and better then God now O covering cherub?

Lucifer tried that and we see what the result of that was. Should I suggest not following in His ways.
 Quoting: ParadigmShift

I don't go to church but my mother did twice a week for the last 15 or so years of her life. Sundays and Wednesdays.

If you are telling me that God is punishing my mother because she was not aware of what Constantine did or how the Catholics corrupted Christian religious doctrine for the last 1,600 years then of what value is religion. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Somehow I have a problem visualizing God saying, "Sorry. It was Saturday! You lose."

The humans are generally that flippant, why should God be?

I still say the days of the week are not the point of this.
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