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Message Subject Jesus is not god by his own admission / he revealed the Nobody by name
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
"the messenger will come in his own name"
Rachel and Leah were loved,said j
this is a code
it reads
you see,the one is encoded by his own name
as you were told he would come in his own name
verifing jesus was only the messenger,not god
 Quoting: drhoecker 38779423

You're stuck on a trip, Dr. Reel it in, or you will become lost in illusion.

It helps to treat an awakening like a bardo ego test. Treat all as one, but remember not to use the power. Just explore it, in balance and with respect for freedoms.

You are at risk of archonic deception. Steel yourself, friend.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39683521

my abilities are well defined
i freely closed my book
and i studied what i could do and then as well set the gift aside
read bible-codes.org site
[link to bible-codes.org]

i have a picture of every drawing he drew but in the real and present

yes i have caused natural events to happen and yes i told ahead where storms would hit and how they would slow down,here on glp even,i did
i am why the National Monument is closed
they offered the messenger Treason
i used my gift to warn them to back away from me
i hope someone else would do my task
but there is no one who could
the point is i guess
i am and i am losing faith for humanity

i know what the elements can and will do for me
because i know how to ask of them

that will be another day
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