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Subject The 70th week of years today is Thursday tomarrow is the Sabbath
Poster Handle SaintVron
Post Content
This is the 70th week of years it began with Obama being elected on Nov.4th2008 he made a firm 7yr commitment he got a second term his commitment is limited to 7yrs because there are no days left after Sept.29th2015 that day is 16 months away and Jesus will return during Obama's term in office during his 7yr commitment.

We only have today until 2014 to prepare for EXILE. tomorrow is Friday the Sabbath begins in the evening of 2014 the first day of 2014 the Mark of the Beast is Mandatory the Obama Plan is mandatory the two are the same. people on both sides are asking for a simpler tax collection system and the IRS is administering the Obama Plan how convenient it looks like a deceptive plan to keep us calm until it is to late making believe it is all about medical care when all along it has been about power and globalization NWO God told us the Antichrist would not come to power until there was a great falling away and an apostasy there has been, when you voted for Obama you fell away when you came back without telling God that you were sorry for giving this Christian nation to the enemies of God you remain even till now apostate, saying you love God and in secret worshiping the Antichrist and waiting for all the good stuff that he will give you for taking the Mark the RFID many of your pastors and clergy tell you don't worry about it they speak directly against God and will be with Obama and Miles in the lake of fire.
The Sabbath is the shortened part of the week. So about a year until Jesus returns of course nobody knows the exact day or hour but we can all take a guess, somebody is going to get it right.
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