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Subject Two Provoking Dreams: Alert to all U.S. citizens, we are officially at war
Poster Handle ctruth333
Post Content
1st dream approx 5 months ago: I'm standing outside and my attention is drawn to a huge storm of densely packed black spiral shaped clouds taking over the blue sky. I then look to my right and see one large tree floating mid air. I watch as it quickly turns to flames. I then say, "It is confirmed. It has started." When I said this, I was referring to a major world event.

2nd dream this past May: I'm standing outside. It is dusk. My attention is drawn to huge arrows pointing upward in the sky. The arrows are then replaced by fields of flames stretching across the entire U.S. and set in place by the government to alert all U.S. citizens that we are officially at war.

I'm curious, has anyone else had dreams of a similar nature in the past year?

I am no doom and gloom girl! Quite the opposite! Yet here I am spreading news of war! I am a spiritual walker...a metaphysical conduit of LoveLightEnergy~*

It is a proliferated time of awakening for millions of people...it always has been.
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