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Message Subject Two Witnesses of Revelation 11.3 and the Branch
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The mystery babylon results from the fight between spiritual Israel and spiritual egypt. Take your pick on this world. It is neither here nor there but a moving target. What happened to the "physical Israel" when they rejected God's laws? They were consumed by the babylonian empire correct? You want to know where the synagogues of satan are? satan means adversary; so everything he does in concept is against the one, true God and his Son. Follow the trail and expose them. The talmud was written under babylonian occupation; so, where you see that you also see the works of mystery babylon. The bible says to know your enemies.

When a nation (pick any nation) wants to be as God and create laws and ways contrary to the laws of God the falling away results. This is your mystery babylon. The growth of the seed from the children of Israel either grows for darkness or they live in God's laws and the seed of the eternal Kingdom takes root. Didn't Christ say the Kingdom is amidst you and within you? Falling subject to and believing this mystery leads you to the ways of egypt and egyptology. Nowhere is this evident more than in the US. It was designed this way from the beginning. It is not by chance that the country was conceived on July 4, 1776. The earth was at the aphelion (greatest distance from the sun) July 4and 5 of 2012.

Remember what I said about the height of the great pyramid at 5776 inches and a Jewish calendar that will be the same number in less than two years? There were 4000 years from Abraham to Jesus Christ. 4 days? Who is the "Father of Israel? If the Kingdom of God is in seed concept then where do we start? The patriarch of Israel and the Savior of the world would be sources of growth wouldn't you agree? What did God say about the offspring of Abraham? Peter said not to be ignorant of that in relationship to thousand years being a day of the Lord. From Christ birth to the end of the millenial reign is about 3000 years. That would be 7 days total just like the lampstand part of the two witnesses. The olive tree has already been explained.

Israel became a nation in 1948 and now it has a little over 6 million Jews within its borders and the same number as what hitler exterminated. Did God fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 37 in plain view? hitler used a hakenkreutz as his symbol (means hacked cross) and this episode of tyranny ended right before the formation of Israel. Apparently, he was trying to destroy the Jews, break God's word and stop the reformation of the land of Israel. He was in the society of thule (satanism) and had the spear of Longinus which pierced Christ side inverted in the dungeon of a nuremberg castle. He also had the anubis curse with multiple nipples. Read "Spear of Destiny" for confirmation. It is interesting that his wife was named "Eva" and his minster of propaganda (Josef Goebbels) wife was named Maria Magdalena "Magda".
No doubt, he (hitler) was consumed in dark rituals. He died of April 30, 1945 at 3:30pm. goebbels executed himself and his wife and his family the next day (she killed her six children). May 1 is a day of many dark connections. The illuminati was officially formed by adam weishaupt on May 1, 1776. karl marx wrote and published his works on May 1, 1848. That is exactly 100 years and 13 days before Israel was formed on May 14, 1948.

Earthquake records and the work of many notable historians point toward the death of Christ on 03 Apr 33AD. He died at 3pm at 33 years of age. How many days are from Christ death to the death of hitler on the calendar? 27 days. Inexplicably, there are many rock musicians who have met there untimely death at age 27. 27 is 3cubed 3x3x3=27. [link to en.wikipedia.org]

There is alot in the US that follows the mystery babylon theme and unless you do what God says and come out of her, you are doomed to believe the lies she produces. The 90th degree of egyptian masonry is the "rite of memphis" Didn't God say he would destroy memphis many times? Both memphis, tn (home of the world's sixth largest pyramid) and new orleans are on 90WLon. The 96th degree is the rite of mizraim (in Hebrew means egypt). It runs through omaha which just happens to be one of the Normandy Invasion beaches.

In between the 90th WLON and 96th WLon is the state of missouri. Look at this. It is named after the 12th month of the egyptian calendar [link to en.wikipedia.org] It comes from the ancient egyptian word mesenra which means ""birth of the sun" Also note that the precolombian world was referred to as mesoamerica and mexico means "god of war".

The 33rd president (a 33rd degree mason known as whorehouse harry) was from missouri and had the first atomic device detonated at the 33rd parallel at the 'trinity site" in a state named "new mexico" (new god of war?) that is one of two states that make 666 in Jewish gematria. New York is the other. The bombs were detonated over Hiroshima on August 6 and over Nagasaki (report it was dropped over the largest Christian church in the orient at the time) on August 9 with over 100,000 people killed. Isn't it mysterious that they are three days apart? The 33rd parallel separates the two cities. August 6th is the same day as the feast day for the transfiguration of Christ on top of mount hermon. He made the demonic realm his footstool there.

mount hermon is where the 200 nephilim descended and made their pact against God. It is also where satan is to crash to earth. The original lines of longitude were started by the "Sun King" Louis 14 in 1666. Paris was the zero line which made mount hermon 33.3 degrees east of it and 33.3 degrees north of the equator. Both directions are 2012 miles in distance by the late David Flynn's work. Also, interesting to note that exactly on the other side of the earth on the 33rd parallel is the roswell crash which occurred in 1947 and 312 days before the birth of Israel as a nation. 312 AD was the year Constantine saw the chi rho image in the air after a victory.

It is established that the 90Wlon of memphis, tn is on the same number as the egyptian "rite of memphis" 90 degrees also represents the square which is part of the dark world of compass and square. Exactly 33 degrees to the west of this is bohemian grove. This is where the world's so called elite do the cremation of care ceremony. It is in Sonoma county. Sonoma is the hacked word for "Son of Man" and it means "valley of the moon". Exactly 666 miles from its center is the center of the city of Phoenix. This is the firebird which rises from the ashes and is consistent with the feathered serpent of the mayans. Phoenix is the hacked word made from Phoenician "X'. The state it is in is Arizona. Ari means high or eagle and zona or zonah is the Hebrew word for prostitution. In the babylonian culture's religion, prostitution was considered sacred.

The route 66 starts in a state called "Illinois" that just passed same sex marriages. What does it say backwards? Sion and ill both ways? The highway starts in a city of where a prominent politician started his rise from the zip code 60606. The highway goes across the country and the sixth leg starts in New Mexico. It was called the "devil's highway" and the number was 666 until recently. The road ended in Arizona. The is just a small part of what happens to a land that take the ways of babylon. It is held captive by a dark blood money system and a false government.
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