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Message Subject Two Witnesses of Revelation 11.3 and the Branch
Poster Handle Why are you lost?
Post Content

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76835573

making water into blood?

You blockheads have't yet realized it!

Just me
 Quoting: What does it mean 75404350

your stupidity and haughtiness will fall within only a few years.

When it happens you will not be able to go on in your laughing and ridicule at what is true.

You will never meet, recognize or be greeted by God's foretold true witnesses, for their path is hidden to you!

Just me

What you will meet and recognize is called Gog in prophesy, but at that time you will be to late and only to see that the door of our Savior is closed to you!

Take your time now, since you still can, to laugh and ridicule what I tell you, for after your devilish ridicule you will go to hell by Gog's visitation! Do not ask me who he is, for aren't you wiser than than me to know it! Go on, be haughty and as disrespectful as you always have been, for your deeds of disrespect is only on your own neck and not on my, whoever I am!
 Quoting: Anyway 75404350

Your fairy tales make me laugh
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76866298

The true testimony of God's foretold witnesses has already been revealed at this site without anyone realizing it.

Just wonder
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