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Subject I wanted the job but when I filled out the application I knew I was wrong and wouldn't be hired....
Poster Handle lost sheep
Post Content
I have to much pride, bitterness, anger, and arrogance built up for the two people running the company.

I don't why I say anything about the money. I shouldn't and I know I am wrong.

It is so hard to let it go. Every time I think I am over it...my mouth comes back and gets me in trouble. I hate that.

I feel as though I am incapable of letting certain things go and I know this shouldn't be so.

I don't know how to just walk away from these two people and let them run the company into the ground. I feel as though I cannot turn from my ways on this, and just let them finish what they started.

Why can I not repent in this and turn away? Why oh why do I feel I need to do anything to work for this company?

This company hates me and I hate it.
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