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California Dreamin' -a nice movie-unfinished

User ID: 53821424
02/07/2014 02:29 AM
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California Dreamin' -a nice movie-unfinished
Here we have the unfinished movie due to the death of the director of the movie
California Dreamin'
in which a princess from Agartha wants to run away with the americans who go in 1995 to fight in Kosovo
he father ,a king from Agartha learns about it and summons 2 boys to get her out of the train
and he stops the train to ask the americans for transportation papers
obviously they dont have them as it is a NATO transport
the king of that village obviously obeys the laws of Romania and stops the train for 2 days in that beautifull village bombed by the americans in world war 2(fisrt scene of the movie)
a bomb made in USA California is dropped on a building
everybody runs away on the stairs as the bomb is chasing them down then it drops in the basement and explodes
the building collapses and most of the people die
NATO contacts call in Bucharest but the secretary is occupied with the female secretary of him:)))
this film is based on a real story
the american colonel who says he has a deadline offers 2000 dollars to the king but he refuses the money