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This is the Supposed Coldest Winter but I have yet to see ANY Snow! When will I get snowed in for a day or so?

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United States
02/18/2014 10:44 AM
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This is the Supposed Coldest Winter but I have yet to see ANY Snow! When will I get snowed in for a day or so?
Im feeling left out here in Kaufman County Texas. Plus I could use a snow day. One evening we had a tiny bit of sleet that didn't stick, and one day we had five minutes of microscopic snow flakes. Dallas proper got some but 45 minutes where I am....nada, nothing!

I know I know some are sick of the snow but gosh I wish for just a coating of four inches or so and me and mine can be stuck inside beside our warm fireplace and watch the snow with no where to go.

So anybody having any intuition or knowledge if I may see ANY Snow this year?

If not, in two months starts tornado season and then its always rushing home or rushing everywhere so Im never stuck in a car in a tornado warning since almost everyday is tornado watch. Last year I worked in Dallas and it took me two hours to get home and I drove through three ares with city sirens going off where a tornado had just hopped by. I drove and then had to stop at one garage station for the hell and then got back on the road but had to stop at a 7-11 because I thought a tornado was near but it was raining so hard I couldn't see. Those "rain wrapped" ones are the worst. oops2

Hey do y'all remember hearing about the hurricane research planes or whatever that were circling in the Gulf of Mexico just before the storm that blew by Texas on its way to devastate Atlanta and North Carolina and on up? Do y'all think its possible that those planes dropped some chemical which somehow warmed the air or dried the air so much so that the storm blew by Texas so we were spared the economic expense? Hmmmmmmmmm?

If you make fun of my babbling Im gonna probably hit ya :) :eyebat:

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I moved in with my elderly parents after my dad had a stroke 2 years ago. Now we are like the three muscateers. I kept buying gallons of water and can goods each time I went for groceries and if on-sale stacks of bottled water...finally Mama politely asked whats up with all the water. I finally came out and told her. I think it went well, the other day she was talking to a real estate lady. I asked why? She said , I was reading and we need a bug-out place...hehe true story!
Well enough about me.