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Message Subject OMG the energy is crazy
Poster Handle RaXz
Post Content
I know I sound like a crazy fool but,

It feels like my "soul" is trying to break out of it's fleshy shell.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6413142

Soul is tired of being an observer of it's own ideas
 Quoting: Mercury11

My soul sure is, and also tired of being shunned, at times if feels like a giant conspiracy against me, or maybe I'm just a weird kind of lunatic, that's also a possibility.
 Quoting: RaXz

I know what you mean...

Try to look a bit into homeopathics.

There is one aid for everyone, that fits as for the symptoms and that would be called a constitutional aid. Means one probably has to take it every now and then in their lifes.

Don't know if you have been into this a bit by yourself already ?!
 Quoting: A r c t u r u s

Let's just say that I'm a weird case stuck in a loop, nothing really helps to get out of it, and no one can seem to help because no one really seems to understand. It has been quite some ride for me, but everyone keeps on pretending as if nothing happened.

Ah, the joys of being weird as hell.
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