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Message Subject OMG the energy is crazy
Poster Handle WRogers
Post Content
Thank you. I feel as if time is standing still. Like literally. It is the strangest sensation. I feel nauseous and it is so so so hard to find motivation to give a shit about daily life. I am still going about my day etc. My husband is a crash investigator and wrecks have quadrupled this past week, more then he can remember. Amazing how these energies have such an intense impact on our brains and nervous system. I think many people are feeling it.
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

Lots of vehicular accidents in local news that covers about 100 mile semi rural area. About mile from our home was a bad, near fatal accident. That closed down the roadway for hours. Woman rear ended a big box truck in middle of the afternoon. This is on a road that doesn’t have a lot traffic and there was visibility for at least a couple miles.
I don’t ever look at that type of local news but started to look at local online news stations to see if it was someone we knew. I noticed 1-2 a day fatal accidents within our area this last week. Usually, there will be maybe 2-3 bad accidents a month in this area within less than 100 mile radius. People are running off the road and flipping over or just rear ending the large trucks or semi’s in front of them at high speed with good visibility.
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