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Ebola - The Little Boy that Mattered

The Quiet One
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09/17/2014 12:25 PM
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Ebola - The Little Boy that Mattered
As many of you know, Saah Exco has touched my heart so strongly over the last month. I cannot imagine what this little man of 10 yrs. of age went through.

I am hoping that the U.S. millitary sent to set up medical centers and provide medical equipment and aid is purely that.

I know the reality and so sad that there will be many Saah Exco past and present. I would rather my tax money be spent on those who have no choice in their birth and destiny than our own GOV supplying terrorist cells equipment and money only to realize the evil they created.

I am prepared for the backlash. Just remember....

Saah Exco

Get rid of Isis/Isil, Al Queda, Hamas and whatever other terrorist group who claims they are Muslim.

Supposedly Islam/Muslim faith is peaceful.

Prove it to me.

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