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Internet Censored By British Intelligence

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 120128
United Kingdom
07/21/2006 08:06 AM
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Internet Censored By British Intelligence
British Intelligence at Cheltenham GCHQ now totally censors the Internet to block access to websites and their caches on Search Engines. All UK servers are connected to GCHQ, all US and Canadian communications are not only monitored by the British but are now censored to block out those parts of the Internet they wish to remain hidden. GCHQ also intercepts and blocks emails, and locks people out of Search Engine caches of websites.

MI5, the British Secret Police, have been running two websites: that have counterfeited my Psi-Technology and copied my site products in all aspects, and they have even stated I supplied them to two criminal websites run ostensibly by an MI5 stooge whose name and alias are well-known to me. Anyone on my email list is locked out of his websites, including me, nor can they access his Search Engine caches. Both of these two criminal British Intelligence counterfeit sites are placed in high positions on all Search Engines even though no one I know can access them. I phoned Henry Makow, PhD, a Jeff Rense contributor and journalist. Makow succeeded in accessing the front page of one of the sites but then was locked out from entering it in real-time. This shows, without question, that British Intelligence monitors phone calls and can block people out of any website in real-time at any time - a fantastic resource commitment.

The matter is even stranger when one knows that my Psi-Lord.com Hypersite - twenty websites all interlinked - only sells Psychotronic Crystals, Generators, Remote Viewing Courses and Psi-Technology. Mainstream thought does not even believe in Psi-Technology but the Western Military know it works - and I refuse to sell my products to the Military.

So, they set up two stealthed websites counterfeiting all my products to discredit my technology and block them out from sight to stop any legal action - you can't close down criminal websites that are masked from view. This is the ultimate testimonial that the British Government is censoring the entire Internet to block the spread of Psi-Technology to the public because they know my products not only work but are cutting edge Psi-Technology so far beyond their reach, even with bloated Military budgets, that the dissemination of this new groundbreaking, world-changing science must be stopped at all costs.

In fact, an intelligence agency attempt to assassinate me occurred just hours before that young, unfortunate Brazilian engineer was shot dead by British Police in the subway. An MI5 thug - a complete stranger - approached me outside of my home and assaulted me in an attempt to force me into a potentially deadly altercation. I refused and was subsequently arrested in an effort to try to protect the MI5 agent who had assaulted me. Of course, the government hacks could not cover up the attack because I broadcast it on Rense Radio. They then actually tried to prosecute me for 'verbally scaring' (!) my attempted murderer and instructed the Court to drop the charges ONLY if I was put in a psychiatric prison as I detailed on Rense Radio, Rense.com.

However, even British Justice cannot survive such flagrant breaches of law, so the case was dropped and I am now suing the Police for false imprisonment and arrest. Since the murder attempt failed, British intelligence are now having to censor the entire Internet to stop the spread of Psi-Technology...the ultimate evidence that the science I have discovered and perfected - and sold on Psi-Lord.com - works. This Hypersite is the only Psi-Technology in the world proven to work a fact attested to by the UK government's desperate actions to thwart it. 'By their works shall ye know them.' In my case, my Psi-Technology not only works but has the entire British government trying to stop its dissemination.

[link to www.rense.com]
Bell Ringer

User ID: 62268
United Kingdom
07/21/2006 08:08 AM
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Re: Internet Censored By British Intelligence
my company supplies gchq..
Heads is NO. Tails is YES.