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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
America under lockdown
Europe Nato blacklisted, tagged, tracked
global strike force activated
Matrix takedown completed
Elite chicken run (spinning) freezed (emprisoned in echo chamber through quantum loop)

mission IGFARBEN accomplished!

well done!!!bw
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75542474

HK on page 133 did you post this?
What does it mean. Does it mean that the real controller aka The British Empire has been neutralized from the base reality. Does it mean that the real reason Trump visited the Queen was to send the message that we know that your game is up?

If all this is true than israel\mossad were setup by MI6 in 1947 (then why do you harp against them. They have been played by the British.)
India\Pakistan were setup in 1947.

America was setup by creation of the national security act and NSA\CIA in 1947

Something truly big happened in 1947.

ps: any idea on what mision IGFARBEN is?
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