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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thread: Secret global government was formed in 1947
Thread: Secret global government was formed in 1947
Inter-dimensional beings always work with the most powerful country in the world. They worked with the Pharaohs, Napoleon (Google the chip found in his skull and his kidnapping story) and Hitler (Google Nazi alien technology).

After WWII, inter-dimensional beings contacted the Allies to ask for cooperation, but the Allies responded with refusal.

Although the United States seemed to be the most powerful country after WWII, but the truth is that UK was and still is the one. The English got the Americans into the war as a proxy, meaning UK still runs and owns both US and the world.

So, Britain was the one who communicated with these beings with refusal, fearing the same destiny of Germany when these beings didn't stand by Germany's side in the end.

The inter-dimensional beings made something that forced Britain to accept cooperation. Blackmailing it and the Allies. And so it was the Roswell incident in 1947 which was not an accident but a certain message these beings want to convey which is that they will show and announce themselves to the people all over the world in a series of fake accidents.

Britain accepted the deal, and here comes the event that changed the whole world ever since and turned the world into a nightmare despite the alien technology we still use to date.

The pivotal change is that Britain decided to form a one world government to operate secretly. This government will be led and run by MI6, but it includes many other Intelligence agencies mainly from CIA, Mossad and the French agency.

Since then these agencies have gone rogue and run the world their own dirty way while all the world leaders, politicians and even royals became actors chosen by this secret government led by MI6. However, the biggest lie ever since is that the United States is the biggest superpower that runs this world since WWII, which is not true because US acted as a UK proxy in the war and to date.

The inter-dimensional beings wanted to make the cooperation deal with one country, but Britain feared the same destiny of Germany as clarified above, so the deal was made with this secret world government led by MI6.

In the same year, MI6 started its devilish plans to destabilize the world, so in 1947, it created CIA, Mossad and Israel. CIA would be running America as a UK proxy and on behalf of MI6, it will also act as a UK front in the West, while Mossad will be the front and the UK proxy in the East.

The imminent WWIII will not look real because the real powers mentioned above that run the world behind the curtain never changed, however, they need people to feel change is coming. The reason for this is the authority resistance and revolutions that went viral and spread like fire since 2011. So, the fake change will be replacing America as the leader of the West by another power and replacing Israel as the leader of the East by another one too, while the real power that runs the show will remain as it is.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1390620

All intel agencies should read this....

By the Way HK. I have a confession to make... I am posting from proxy a lot in this forum. I live in India and i was General Patton in my last life. Tried contacting the Pentagon but got no reply..

If you have read the letter "captain america is back"..
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