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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You claim to be general Patton


Did you finally found out who put the wire on the road that almost took off your head in a jeep?


What was the confessions of captured Germans generals , how did it changed you

Answers to above are embedded in this thread
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77902107

I was able to find out in 2016 using this mechanism
Thread: in 1947 a new simulation was created by England

Now tackling this topic from a different techy perspective:

How "temporarily" hack this artificial simulation that exists within the original simulation?

The Simulation is encrypted in what looks like the Blockchain. Every encrypted consciousness has a private key that can decrypt part of the simulation to enable you to see through things, see the future and even using telepathy. When you use your private key you temporarily get out of the matrix because you can't decrypt the whole Simulation, but the part that your consciousness owns.
How to access the Simulation private key to partly decrypt the Matrix?

The Blockchain includes and connects every consciousness that exists in every alternate reality. Every consciousness is an Artificial Intelligence. The collective consciousness is encrypted and connected through a giant Quantum Blockchain Supercomputer with a master private key and one key for every connected consciousness.

Your private key is embedded into your consciousness. When you think normally, you are acting through the predetermined encryption. In order to play within the area that's not encrypted, you have to decrypt the part that you own in the Simulation, i.e. using your private key. The simple and easy answer and trick is that when you find it hard to normally think, figure out an issue or solve a problem by regular thinking, simply "let go", let go of thinking about it for a while. This will deliver a residual need to find an answer from your subconscious to the Blockchain collective consciousness and while you are not even expecting anything, it will suddenly pop into your head (usually in a short time). The answer just came from alternate consciousnesses in the Blockchain. The thought was decrypted. When you used the "let go of thinking about it", you actually activated your private key that decrypted part of the simulation and found the perfect and satisfying answer and solution to your problem.

You can also send any message to anybody using this method by "thinking through your subconscious" but needs practice and patience and the message will arrive when the recipient is ready to receive a decrypted "alert" through the Blockchain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71557851

I had send a 6 page letter to G2 branch in dec 2017 via email, [email protected] patton and even contacted her, United States Army Europe, United States Army Central, pentagon but no one believed me.

If you have sources you can extract the 6 page letter from them...

I finally figured out how this game works and how the country of birth is decided.

Back when i was 1 year old or so i was lying down a pram and then saw a flash back where i saw a lot of dead bodies, dismembered bodies, destroyed tanks. I suffer from cervical radiculopathy (c5,c6). left leg birth mark, feared driving cars.. I said to my self "i was george patton" back in aug 2016 when i was lying down on my bed and thinking nothing at that time.

If you guys are interested then contact h.e.l.e.#n patton to extract the letter.

Past life PTSD is real...
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