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Cadbury's blamed for salmonella outbreak

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 60460
United States
07/22/2006 06:37 PM
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Cadbury's blamed for salmonella outbreak
Cadbury's blamed for salmonella outbreak
CONTAMINATED Cadbury's chocolate was the most likely cause of a salmonella outbreak which hit dozens of people, including nine in Scotland, experts said yesterday.
The confectionery giant was named by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) as the probable cause of the infection, which led to more than a million chocolate bars being taken off the shelves.
Lawyers said the first official confirmation of a likely link could lead to a flood of compensation claims against Cadbury's. Many children were among the victims.
The chocolate is being blamed for up to 46 of the 65 cases of salmonella montevideo reported to health officials between March and July.
During its investigation, the HPA discovered 13 of the people infected in England and Wales had eaten Cadbury's products. A 14th person had eaten confectionery of some sort but could not remember which brand. The Welsh authorities reported a 15th salmonella victim had eaten a Cadbury's product.
It is understood there were nine cases in Scotland, but officials are not yet able to say how many involved consumption of Cadbury's chocolate.
The HPA presented its findings to the Salmonella Montevideo Outbreak Control Team (OCT).
"After carefully considering all the available evidence, the OCT concluded that consumption of products made by Cadbury Schweppes was the most credible explanation for the outbreak of S Montevideo," the HPA said.
Cadbury's insisted its products, including 250g Dairy Milk bars, a 105g Buttons Easter Egg and the Freddo bar, were "perfectly safe" when it ordered a recall last month. But an OCT investigation showed the strain of salmonella montevideo in samples taken from Cadbury's factories matched the one which caused the outbreak.
Cadbury's blamed the contamination on a leaking pipe at one of its main factories, in Marlbrook, Herefordshire.
It said: "We're sorry to hear that people have been unwell. We've already announced that we have changed our protocol because we understood that the consumers' desire for no risk at all is paramount. Any product showing any traces of salmonella will be destroyed."
Only one possible victim has so far threatened to take legal action against the confectionery giant.

[link to thescotsman.scotsman.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 120828
United States
07/22/2006 07:10 PM
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Re: Cadbury's blamed for salmonella outbreak
jeez-how would Salmonella survive in Chocolate?
I thought it was meat or a bad job of canning/bottling food.