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Message Subject U.S. troops assisting in Ebola mission may be quarantined
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
So, when the media, whenever they so decide to, start reporting that this has become a pandemic in our respective locale. Even as we go into this flu season and people start showing signs and symptoms of flu, do you think the economy that take the hit if people have to stay at home for 21 days? Will you take the chance that the person sneezing next to you hast got ebola?

This is how society falls apart folks. Based on fear.
 Quoting: Thereturn

Good questions. If we had to be involved seems it would have cost a lot less to have supported them in a quarantine in their infected areas by shipping them food. That was one of the original reasons they couldn't/wouldn't implement quarantines, because the people had to get food daily and would starve to death if quarantined.

It's gone a long way in a short time that U.S. troops wouldn't be in contact with people with ebola to:

"If a service member comes into contact with blood or body fluids from an Ebola patient, or a dead body, while not wearing protective gear, or if the gear is compromised, they will be evacuated from the region and quarantined."
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