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Message Subject Prophecies Jesus gave in Mathew 24 and Revevelation require internet and smartphone
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To the OP of this thread and anyone else who has been misled by false teachers concerning Matt 24 and what Jesus said.

First of all, they WERE prophecies. Secondly, Jesus said that THIS (meaning the people he was speaking to) generation will SEE these things. Thirdly, those "things" happened about 40 years after Jesus said them.

They are NOT about modern day times. NOT NOT NOT

Anyone who READS the account can figure this out.

Three questions were asked of Jesus at the beginning. He answered their first two, and the answer was ALL ABOUT what was to come in 70AD.....the destruction of Jerusalem by the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place. (that being the Roman Army destroying the temple, and how to escape that judgement)

The third question was about His return. And He said there would be NO signs. NO warnings. So if you are looking for earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, etc to WARN you of Christ's coming......you have been FOOLED AGAIN.

It is VERY simple folks. Prophecy has been FULFILLED IN CHRIST. There is ONLY ONE THING LEFT.

Christ's return/our judgement. And again, if you think there is a SIGN to look for, you are sadly mistaken.

The Word tells us that ONLY the Father knows that day.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60773203

I'd sure like to know how you can see the antichrist in the temple from a field - 40 years after Jesus.

When he said you can see earthquakes and disease in many places - he meant it, literally - but not quite then.

The antichrist rules the entire world - not just a small piece of it.

The New World Order is the entire world - not a small corner in the world.

We have never had the experience of the Great Tribulation or the gog magog war yet.

If we did - Jesus would be the ruler of this world and he isn't just yet.

Soon though.

There are 100's of prophecies the bible talks about for end times - I've given but a few.

Around 40 or 50 more are here:

Thread: All prophecies the bible says will happen in End Times are happening or almost completed at present
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 67880735

Here are a few of those prophecies:

1a) Israel will not be defeated by her enemies once she is gathered from all the nations of the world - Well, She hasn't. Notice this is well before the Millennial Reign. Isaiah 54:17

Israelis early history was one of being defeated. God tells us in end times - no one will defeat her. The 6 day war was one of amazing miracles for Israel:

Here's a war that hasn't happened yet - but appears close:

There will be a Gog Magog war (Ezekiel 38) that starts with God putting a hook in the enemies jaw, drawing them down to attack Israel - subsequently God supernaturally destroying them, so ALL heathen, and Israel finally recognize God and fulfillment of the promise that NOW All Israelis return from the 4 corners of the earth. Ezekiel 39:25.

1) Israel becomes a nation again, after being conquered and inhabitants dispersed throughout the world. This has never been done by another nation. Ezekiel 36,37:22 and 38; Jeremiah 30 - 31 Isaiah 43 etc. Note: This event signaled start of end times. Since 1948 things have been
steadily marching towards end with prophecies consistently coming true:

2) Globalization and New World Order. We already are a global economic world order, and some even refer to people in the world as citizens of the world. It's obvious we are headed to a new world order. Rev 6 - lst seal, Rev 13 - Dan 7:23 he "and shall devour the whole earth"; Zech 9:10 He will come in peace and his dominion shall be to the ends of the earth.

3) The global government will be able to track all the people in the world. This was impossible until now. How? - Computer databases. Apparently - we are already doing this. Rev 13:17 - True

4) God told Abraham he would be the father of many great nations and descendants too numerous to count. At present the population of world 7 billion and counting - why is this important? Because all inhabitants of the earth will be required to take mark of beast-and it can't be done without computers. (rev 13). Genesis 15 - 17

5) We now have the ability world wide to worship an image of the AC that the bible says will move be alive and speak (All will worship it). This was impossible until now - How? With smartphones, webcams, TV, satellie etc. This will be a worldwide requirement.

How will this be enforced - we already have cameras in our TV's, smartphones etc. Rev 13

If you notice all end time prophecies involve entire earth/world not one or 2 nations.

6) Jesus said we will be able to *SEE the AC defile the holy place, while in a field/on rooftop. How is this possible? with smartphones; also the 2 witnesses lying in the streets in Jerusalem, and SEE them ascend into heaven. We will SEE God judging Israel's enemies Ezekiel 39:21. Impossible until now. Math 24, Dan 7 - 12, Rev 11:7

7) knowledge will increase - and how. As described above. Amazing development in last 50 years, and has increased Exponentially last 10 years than last 6,000 years. This had to happen to allow AL bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Dan 12 - True
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