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Message Subject Prophecies Jesus gave in Mathew 24 and Revevelation require internet and smartphone
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In Mathew 24 Jesus' disciples ask when will the world end?

Jesus answered and said - When you SEE ALL these things - this is the generation that will see all prophecy fulfilled (Math 24:33).

He literally means seeing, i.e. through webcams, videos, computers etc.

What are ALL the things we shall SEE?

Earthquakes, disease and wars in many places around the world. (Math 24:7)

Only in this generation has this been possible - at these websites:


Ancients didn't have the ability to SEE or know of earthquakes and disease on the other side of the world i.e. Alaska etc - nor would they care?

We should care however, because Jesus tells us these things will start out slowly like birth pangs and accelerate to apocalyptic levels. When this happens (and they are accelerating), we'll have a sign the end is near.

Next - When we SEE "the evil one" in the temple from a field or rooftop - this is the start of Great Tribulation.

Why would Jesus use the examples field or rooftop?

How would you SEE "satan's man" standing in the holy place from a field?

Only way I know is with a mobile device i.e. smartphone. Therefore this prophecy couldn't happen until we had mobile devices.

This "evil person" will be so arrogant, he'll have his conquest of Jerusalem streamed live to the internet - for all to see and hear his declaration that he is greater than the God of the universe. (2 Thes 2).

Keep in mind only a priest can enter the "holy place" - so no worshipers will be in there.

Additionally, he gives a dire warning for those in Judeae/Jerusalem flee to mountains. where God has prepared a place of safety for them. (Math 24:15-18, 21) .

Every example he uses is very carefully chosen, and conveys something important, and relevant to the entire world.

He tells us we will NOT be caught unaware - that these things will happen all together; not one here or there - ALL.

Here are some more prophecies that require internet:

The gospel will be preached unto all the nations of the earth and then "the end". (Math 24:14)

All will be required to take a mark of the beast to buy or sell. (Rev 13:16). With so many people in the world today, we need computers to keep track of everyone - and THEY are doing this already.

All will SEE his (antichrist) image move and speak, and be required to worship this image that is alive and can move and speak. (Rev 13:15)

Hmmmm - TV, youtube, computer, mobile device.

All will SEE the antichrist kill 2 witnesses in Jerusalem. After 3 days God will have them rise on their feet, and ascend into heaven in front of the whole world.

Ezekiel 39:21 - ALL will SEE God punish the nations that attack Israel in the gog magog war (coming soon).

All this will be accomplished in one generation.

ALL these things must be happening simultaneously also:

evil abounding - love grows cold: porn number one industry on internet. No shortage examples evilness on internet today.
many offended - political correctness to point can't say something without being killed, fired or going to jail.
christians beheaded - on youtube and other places nonetheless.
Jesus will be hated - we know satan is trying to rid the world of anything having to do with Jesus.
many false prophets - oh yeah
many claim to be christ - yep - but the "real fake" is yet to come.

I'll talk about Israel separately - because it offends many :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 67772525

You missed the hidden context.
The Jewish disciples ask Jesus about His return to Israel, to the chosen people(the Jews) as prophesied by the prophets. So these are the things Jews will See and Hear, not necessarily the entire world.
Verse 2 says "see all these" referring to the temple stones, but does not mean for the world to actually witness the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Only the Jewish people. So no Internet or technology is required.

The destruction of technology as we know it will occur either before or around this time anyway. If you know Revelations, Ezekiel chapter 39 and Zechariah chapter 14 and also interpret them just as literally, you will see this.
For these armies use no modern technology or weaponry in attacking Israel. Thus logically, none exists.(you don't bring swords, spears and horses to fight machine guns, planes and tanks).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 67861897

Daniel 8

And the Goat comes from the west across the whole earth without touching the ground.


There are many examples in the bible where you can see it is not chariots referred to.

So why did Jesus say - Let the reader understand?

It's not the same old same old taking place here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 67880735

Just like burning those specifically listed weapons: "small shields, large shields, bows, arrows, clubs, personal weapons, and spears" as firewood, does not mean really mean they burn those as firewood, for 7 years, I suppose?
Deny it all you want, the Truth is the truth. It will happen as it has been written.

Eze 39:9 “After all this happens, the people who live in the cities of Israel will be kindling fires for seven years, using small shields, large shields, bows, arrows, clubs, personal weapons, and spears to do so. 10 They won’t need to cut down trees from the fields nor gather firewood from the forests, because they will light fires with the weapons as they plunder the plunderers and loot the looters!” declares the Lord God.

Up until lately it's literal fulfillment was not probable, but a world wide EMP war(WW3), would easily make the world revert to this level of technology.
With the current NATO/Russian warlike stance and threats anything is possible.
An EMP war would be considered survivable, rather than the Mutually Assured Destruction of a traditional nuclear war. So it is much more likely to occur.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 67893482

I'm sure entire cities can burn those "little" weapons for 7 years.

It has to be some kind of fuel - many say nuclear that could burn that long.
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