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Message Subject Learning To Trust Your Intuition & Inner Guidance
Poster Handle The Undeceived...
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One of the greatest tools we have is our intuition. It is an innate knowledge that we all possess, a knowledge that is connected to divinity and love. It is the voice of our higher self, communicating with us from a higher plane of frequency. When we listen to that inner voice, it guides us along the path that ultimately brings us the greatest personal expansion.

[link to www.collective-evolution.com]
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New Age spiritualism is a lie and leads to emptiness and spiritual death. We are not gods and we are not our own saviors; we do not have the answers "inside of us" and we have no "internal power" to guide us.

Our Heavenly Father is where we must turn. He sent us Jesus Christ to be our hope and the light to guide our way on the path. Looking inside ourselves only leads to confusion and deception... Looking to our Father and our Lord leads to Truth and Peace.
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