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Message Subject What if the only conspiracy is that there are no conspiracies?
Poster Handle Doge
Post Content
Now I'm not saying this is the case as there are many well known, as well as a myriad of independent, truth seekers and researchers who work tirelessly to connect the dots and expose the workings of the proverbial Powers That Be. I'm merely suggesting for shits and grins the possibility that the world really is as it seems? That there's no evil/occult/esoteric NWO agenda but that people just make up this stuff to fit a particular model they have formed of the world, one that is threatening, oppressive and dark? What if globalisation is just the next step along the path which humanity is on, as the collective consciousness grows and solidifies and people begin to think outside of their social circles and preconceived notions? What if there were no False Flag operations or staged shootings and the reports really were exactly as the media claimed? I think that would be the scariest truth, the most shocking and difficult to grasp realization. What if we as humans just naturally have to find some subtle and deeper reasons behind why certain things happen? Just a thought.
 Quoting: Doge

Except for the part about globalization, I, for one, would be absolutely thrilled. Wouldn't hurt me a bit to find out that every shooter event was real, that there was no satanic Illuminati bullshit going on, and the world was basically as it appears to be. I'd jump for joy. But as for globalization, fuck that. I can't even think of a nation or country I'd want to be "globalized" with in any way. But everything else...I'd be as happy as can be.
 Quoting: thepatrioticgirl

Oh I agree with you completely about the globalization bit. Jeeze, nothing ruffles feathers on a conspiracy theory forum than mentioning the far fetched possibility that there are no conspiracy theories. Haha!!
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