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Subject Any Cold Calling Sales Experience Here? Don't Hate! Everyone Is Selling Everybody Something!
Poster Handle Doge
Post Content
I personally have spent most of my life working in various telemarketing jobs, though usually shying away from sales and leaning more towards customer care and relations. However, I've landed a cushy sales job with a great company selling a product I believe in. The base pay is very generous, the hours are to die for, my boss is exceptional and our sales team is tightly knit and unified.

I've seen a slew of posts on here in my time that usually diss on salespeople and cold callers and sure, we all hate having those pesky telemarketers bother us with their sales pitches but hey we have to make a living too! The thing is I can imagine that if I were a business owner and someone called me offering to save my company a considerable amount of money by switching to their product and establishing a company/vendor relationship with them I'd be happy to save a buck, I just might be a little hesitant at first.

So I'm sure there's a couple of you who are natural born salesmen or saleswomen. Hell, you can sell these doomtards on the next big doomsday prophecy or conspiracy theory! You could probably sell ice to an eskimo!

What are some ways to liven up your sales calls?

What are some strategies you've used for rapport building?

Or if you were a business owner, what would you want a telemarketer to consider when calling you?

What could he or she do to make the experience more tolerable?

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