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Message Subject Any Cold Calling Sales Experience Here? Don't Hate! Everyone Is Selling Everybody Something!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I spent some time selling a product that nearly everyone had in their home at the time, used a lot in those days, and always seemed to need/want more.

Cold calls with that product was easy peasy... I simply went with an expectant attitude, as if the deal was already done and we just needed to do the paperwork. Asked them what they needed, and how many. Adding that if they needed something replaced, I could do that as well.

Cold calls with those who had never tried that product yet, or even thought of it, such as a business.. I had several ideas in mind ahead of time, which could help them either save time, money, energy, or just help them in a general way.

In other words.. the product sold itself.

Not so with telemarketing. The only thing I'd want a telemarketer to consider is passing me by. The only tolerable thing they could do is to not call me.

You want to be successful as well as having the wonderful perks, find a sales job that has a product/service that everyone is using, could be using, that they actually want/need more of, or can see the use for.

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