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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P195.
Poster Handle Strangelove
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I have created this thread at Calins' request so we can keep a clean TRANSPARENT eye on what is going on with the Gabriel and Alisa Case,
I as many of you I believe need somewhere we can amass info on the case without the trolls being able to make a big mess and downright stopping people coming and participating in what I am sure you will agree deserves as much attention and pushing into the main stream media as we can possibly do, I spent hours transcribing what these two poor babies spoke of :( I for one will feel complicit if I do not do as much as I can to push for the safety and rehabilitation of these kids.

Original threads are here :

Thread: "We dance with the skulls in the church" The Most Disturbing Video You Will Ever Watch!!! Court Decision to be Released TODAY pg. 200 (Page 206)

Thread: In three videos, two children describe sexual abuse carried out by named adults in UK

Thread: FINALLY THE TWO WITNESSES ARE HERE. full honest truthful testimony

I am a bit green to hosting threads so help and suggestions welcome lol I don't even know how to embed so bear with me :D

I guess the 1st thing I need to work out is how to ban ssssomeone from the thread the minute they step out of line!

 Quoting: MsMc

Thanks for stepping up to the plate, MsMc. Calin asked me but I'm not here every day. I'm very concerned about this case. The kids were abused by somebody and I hope it all comes out but I'm skeptical.

I don't know how to ban someone from a thread as I've only opened a few threads and no one got out of line.

I would suggest a zero toleration policy for any nonsense as many of those who got out of line will undoubtedly come onto this thread. The trolls know who they are and hopefully they will be a little more careful with their words. This is a serious story, as you well know, involving child abuse and I think we need to take it a bit more seriously than most of the other threads.

The last few pages of the old thread should give you an idea where some of the trollish behavior is coming from.
Take care.
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