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Message Subject Alabama House calls for Convention of States to rein in federal government
Poster Handle Skullie
Post Content
Without getting into any Liberal vs. Conservative crap...anyone else think its ironic that its always the states who take most from the federal government who complain most about the federal government?

Alabama would have a standard of living similar to Albania in the early 90s if it wasn't for the federal government taking taxes from the prosperious states, and redistributing that wealth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69081325

"...a standard of living similar to Albania?"

You do realize Mercedes-Benz North America is headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Right, my German friend?
 Quoting: SLC

You realize they are moving the headquarters lock, stock and barrel to Atlanta, right?

[link to www.ajc.com]

Alabama is a shithole. Home of the only in-ground hazardous waste landfill in America. It's the nation's dump. Everything is rusted and busted. Sure, you got a PF Chang's over in Vestavia, but that about it, yo. Total shithole.

The ONLY reason to stop in Alabama is the Fish Market Restaurant in B'ham.

Valid point,truth is to much of this country is a shot hole,and we should be pissed of instead throwing stones,I for one would tell the people that turned this place into a third world hell hole to get the fuck out ,if I had a few friends we would put them the fuck out

... Just a lil backstory so's you know my opinion is informed, I was once in charge of a remediation of a EPA superfund site outside of Birmingham. Before replacing the dirty soil, we had to test the replacement soil. I literally could not find ANY soil for sale that passed basic hazardous waste testing anywhere in Alabama.

And you have the world's longest constitution. Why?

It ain't because ya'll super smart.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 64686681
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