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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
the void, could be considered to be the astral...a place where there are no physical limitations, and creating is a matter of will...
 Quoting: William 67514274

Very good point. Exactly.

There feels like a potential 'bridging' here, of dimensions. A bridging of Man's 3D waking life and the Astral, sometimes referred to as '4D'.

What would a bridging of 3D and 4D, create?

On a long enough timeline? How could such a reality be both created, manipulated, and implemented, with both Man's ingenuity and fear of death?
 Quoting: Seer777

just to clear it up; dimensions are not the astral, they are parallel realities based in physical reality...

the astral is a different density (higher vibration) not based in physical reality...

however, it takes an astral stream to animate physical life... the bridging is already there...when the physical dies, the astral stream remains... what it does now, is largely dependent on a belief system...
 Quoting: William 67514274

Not sure what you mean by "astral stream?. Do you have a metaphor for it?

Seer777 The mind does not go or exist in the astral. It's all about awareness. Awareness is to consciousness as is the mind to the brain.
 Quoting: TheLastHawk

For argument purpose, I am utilizing 'Astral' for 'Dream world'.

Awareness IS the Observer.

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