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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Ricky M
Post Content
“It’s all in the name”
Spelled out in the seed of the fixed center

(“today is a Royal Wedding”
Really? Just get the ritual over with cuz...
I can’t stand dog-and-pony shows)

I might as well be Atlas for this level of “sad”
It’s like I’m drawing a collective inbreath for every tragedy that ever was and soon to come, both personal and trans personal
It’s one big sigh right now: my being: a sigh.
I made someone sad last night.
I am a sad little lamp.

The black moon itself...that is me.
The shadow of Golgotha.
My face is burning.

Why does it hurt to exist?

When glp had the tinychat there were a lot of penises
Thats what human nature wanted to do; show themselves masturbating
That can be our avatar as a species, one creepy dick moaning, “ohyeah”
And broadcasting itself everywhere
The evolutionary impulse (in a nutshell).

The name “semiramis” appears in my mind
It’s Queen Babylon
“Recondite” - hidden or not well understood topic
I guess Babylon is one of those

Yeah, well...
I’m still here.
What’s a “Luz”?
Another brain ploop:
“I write sins not tragedies”, panic at the disco

Now imagining all the people I have shut out of my existence...
Harkens back to the absolute...ah...?
Futility. Yes, that one.

Bullet, meet foot. Bam bam bam.
Over and over again. I just keep fucking myself .

“I was what happened in the moment I became possible”

I sometimes think about what my invisible audience will one day mythicize lol
I guess you could see genius in just about anything if you squint...

When you have participated in a Grand Illusion
You become a real skeptic of the miraculous.

(My back hurts
My body hurts
I’m sad)
“The machinations of godlike pretenders”...
As the British Royals marry in a new fish to the family and for some reason the internet wants to care
Face. Still. Hurts. Itchy.

“Kill it with fire”: the essential human attitude.
 Quoting: 5/28/18

 Quoting: Light of my Little Left Eye

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