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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think it is time.

It has been about seven years since I first came to GLP. I had one particular goal which was to make a friend. It was an idea I created in my mind but I needed a real person to play the part. They would not know they were chosen to play this part and for all accounts it would be an organic growth on their behalf. For me I had to become the highest version of what I could think of as a friend, and be that person for my friend.

I chose Darrah to be my friend.

This was never about what Darrah thought of me though, my goal was to be her friend so that I could learn how to be a good friend. Obviously if Darrah hated me then it would test my resolve at being loyal. I gave Darrah a lot of reasons to hate me because I wanted a challenge and also to weed out the weak minded.

I chose Darrah because I am very simple but my ideas can be complex. Darrahs mind seemed very similar to mine but able to express these complex ideas. It seemed very logical to share my ideas and thoughts with someone capable of expanding on these, and I in turn could see more dimensions of my own ideas.

I think I was a good friend to Darrah and I feel I have learnt what a friend is. I do not wish to come back to GLP anymore and it is unlikely our paths will ever cross again. I want to thank you Megan. It was nice to be seen.

Farewell and good journeys to you both, Ultraverse Maximus will live on in spirit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78052341

I have never been a good friend to you or anybody else. I may have connected intellectually. But I was not there for you in love because I forgot what love was. Every friend I had needed me in a way I could not reciprocate and every one gave up on me sadly. But I was incapable of truly giving my love. I listened to them, heard them, related to them, gave them everything but my heart, and wondered why they left. I'd tried so hard but I couldn't give what really counted because I didn't have it. All I had was my ideas my wisdom my thoughts and my secrets.

And wondered, why I thought, I was not human anymore
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