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Subject Why are women keeping their own last name in marriage? It's still the last name of a patriarch, their dad's last name
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I used to date (bang) this little honey and she was a total bitch. We were young and she thought she was a feminist. She didn't know what it meant so she just acted like an asshole.

Anyway one day after class she was basking in the afterglow and started talking about marriage (yikes!) and she tried to be like I'm keeping my own last name if we get married. I was like what's the point, you're just preserving another man's family name. She kind of went cross-eyed and got all pissy about it. Then I said that's fine sweetheart. I knew there's no way in hell I'd be marrying her anyway.

My question is, don't women even think about the efforts of their own movement? Don't they realize that what should be the whole basis for keeping their own last name, which would be to create their own matriarchal line, is a failure? It's like they want to wish away that little detail.

If they were going to achieve their feminist agenda properly, then they should start anew and make up their own last name when they marry and change it entirely. That way they can shun their own family name, which is her father's, AND get away from taking a new patriarchal name.
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