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Message Subject Why are women keeping their own last name in marriage? It's still the last name of a patriarch, their dad's last name
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We might as well make it a matriarch society because we've already learned at least 1/2 the children born are not fathered by the claimed father.
 Quoting: Petitroche

Its not a matriarch society really.

Id say its still half and half. It would probably be better if it was one or the other.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45304639

A matriarch society is a half/half society. It's not the same thing as patriarchy, but with women in charge.

Women can't be free in a patriarchy because men double down on power. They have political power and physical.

In a matriarch society men and women both have political power, it's necessary for freedom of all. They both have a voice in a matriarchial society.

People may not want to change their name because they are used to the one they have. It's easy for men to judge because they are not expected to do this.

It's the hyphenated names I roll my eyes at. Keep your last name, change it, I don't care. Just don't be a Smith-Johnson.
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