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Former Nuclear Safeguards Official Says AP's Iran Deal Document Looks Fake

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 70131501
08/23/2015 06:35 AM
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Former Nuclear Safeguards Official Says AP's Iran Deal Document Looks Fake
Former Nuclear Safeguards Official Says AP's Iran Deal Document Looks Fake

It appears aimed at undermining the nuclear deal, the official says.

By Jessica Schulberg

August 21, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "HP" - WASHINGTON -- A veteran international nuclear official questioned the authenticity of a document The Associated Press relied upon for its controversial report that Iran would be allowed to inspect Parchin, a site suspected of hosting illicit nuclear activity over a decade ago. He said the document contains wrong terminology and other signs it may be fake.

Tariq Rauf, the former head of verification and security policy coordination at the International Atomic Energy Agency, told The Huffington Post that a document the AP described as a transcript of a draft agreement between Iran and the IAEA, published on Thursday, appears bogus, designed to undermine the real agreement and the broader nuclear pact negotiated between Iran, the U.S., and five world powers.

"In my personal view, this is not an authentic document," Rauf said. "Likely a crude attempt to hinder the JCPOA and the Road-map," he added, referring to the Iran nuclear deal, and the parallel agreement between Iran and the IAEA over an investigation into the possible military dimensions of Parchin, an Iranian military site thought to have been used for illicit nuclear weapons work prior to 2003.

The AP published an exclusive report on Wednesday alleging that the IAEA had tasked Iran with conducting inspections at Parchin.

The IAEA and the State Department implied in vaguely worded statements that the article's claims were inaccurate, but declined to comment specifically on the arrangement between Iran and the IAEA, citing confidentiality obligations.

The AP stood by its story, and on Thursday published what it said was a complete transcription of a draft of the document, outlining the parameters for the IAEA's probe into Parchin. The news agency cited two anonymous officials who it said confirmed that the draft version it published does not differ from the final version Iran and the IAEA agreed upon.

But Rauf said he immediately spotted signs that made him question the authenticity of the leaked document. Rauf, who worked for the IAEA from 2002 to 2011, now directs the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's arms control program.

In an annotated version of the document, provided to HuffPost, Rauf describes 13 instances of incorrect terminology and practices that are inconsistent with IAEA safeguards methods.

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