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Message Subject I Am Gonna Catch My Neighbor's Chicken
Poster Handle eggbouncer
Post Content

 Quoting: ar-15 nut

Uh, he safely sends his kids over as well, I am not that sort of neighbor.

Dear God I can't even watch those Devil Rejected movies,

Tho I know a lot of people, chickens waiting for some farmer, who idolize that kind of dumbass life, or whatever.

Bonnia And Clyde? Should have raised chickens and lived longer you dumbshits! Like my smart neighbor!

I should mention I live in an RV park which alloewth not chickens, but see, if they invade our zone, our park next door, I say that rule, of not being allowed to own chickens (see my neighbors owns land and such)

is thereby nullified by the chicken.

That is to say, if my park, being in California, doesn't allow chickens, but my neighbor has an overflow of chieckens, well, tho I am down one roma, I may be up, in terms of the game, one plays, in these situations.
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