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Message Subject I Am Gonna Catch My Neighbor's Chicken
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You do know that chickens can fly, don't you?

They will fly over your gate to get home...
 Quoting: Masiro


Other poster explained "Dude, shut your damn gate!"

But see, I have to shut my gate cause my neighbors love me and come to my door for cake, money, whatnot, just because they need a friend. So, a gate is what a popular man sometimes has to put into play. Like, if I am washing my bod, I need not put up with the neighbors, I am a firm believer in not answering the door.

However, my fence/gate is all 4" square fencewire and some chicken/cement wirefence as well, tastefully done, so I essentially roll my gate (hehe) and wire it open or closed.

I can explain it sort of like this:

"If there is one thing in this world I hate it is an unlocked footlocker, YOU KNOW THAT DON'T YOU??"

What movie is that from? See, that's why I mention the gate/fence this,

It is important to be a good neighbor, these replies say so, I agree.

But being a good neighbor means also, leaving those around you the fuck alone, and asking the same, at times.

LOL, but eggs, chickens and good neighbors are always welcome, everywhere.
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