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Subject My granddaughters poem
Poster Handle American Cowgirl
Post Content
Thank you all who supported me. A lot of you shared stories that broke my heart. I hope this helps you as it did me. I am going to be okay and so will each and everyone of you. We are united and anointed via our faith and love for each other. Bless all of you. Even those who do not understand.

I was born and you were there,
You held me close, heartbreak, despair...
You rocked me softly, tears were shed,
You whispered to me and caressed my head.

You cried, you wept, you cursed, and you prayed,
I wanted to return to wash the sorrow away.
But GOD told me ,be patient you'll see...
Someday they will be here with you and with me.

My heart leapt with joy and my soul sang a song,
I asked for the LORD to help you be strong.
He told me he would thru faith in his SON,
Who he lost to earth when he was so young.

He told me his son was gone many years,
He missed him and grieved and shed many tears.
But on the day his SON returned home,
The angels rejoiced knowing no ones alone.

We travel, we move, and we all still must grow,
Completing the tasks in good deeds we sow.
And all have the day, just like the SON,
We all come back together, reunited as one.

So do not grieve and do not cry,
I am joyous, happy, and so alive!

And I will protect you and wait for the day,
That you return because Jesus paved the way.
Until then we live and care for each other,
A mother to child, a child to the mother.
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