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Message Subject Hollywood superstar battling with AIDS ?
Poster Handle spokescritter
Post Content
RDJ is bisexual, and was obviously heavily involved in drug culture, so he's a definite possibility.

Charlie Sheen - that's a given, really.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12630340

Downey is married you dope
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69959876

So are a lot of homosexuals.

He's bi and it's well-known in Hollywood. It's pretty well-known that during his drug days he was a pass-around at a lot of HOllywood parties. He's also previously talked about putting out during his prison days.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12630340
please stop being zombies . there not " homosexuals " . their two sets of dna and rna were separated after birth often by trauma and agenda grooming which I endured also but overcame before I got out of high school . and they got hold of the synthetics before they got hold of the keys I gave out . the synthetics interfere with recovery of their natural male and female attractions . the reason the agenda has gone on is the keys I gave will reveal whom caused that in their life but they have to be bigger than that and forgive them and concentrate on the positive recovery . I was just kidding in the other thread about my micro critters inside them gonna eat them up . there is still hope for the sexually battered and later sexually confused adults . GHB the date rape drug was used on most all gay/bi people as children to turn them away from the natural selection and be exploited . my critters have seen the entire situation for a while now and reported this to me along with my own experiences ......................... no , I am not truly a master either ............. . the third channel was commenting to me again . seems I may have a gizmo in front of my ear or the lobotomy did cause the giant neuron firing , either way I know both science paths because I have the dna and rna of the ancient ones that connect to the critters for their ancient reports too .
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