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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle imjustsayin
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Good morning peoples !
Had a doc check this am after finishing the first 3 rounds of experimental drugs. Everything checks out good. Blood cancer is still increasing which is actually good news. That means it is being leached out of my bones to be killed off. We had a small argument over superpowers. I could swear when I signed off on this they told me I would get some. Doc straightened me out though. She said I would have to do the gamma radiation and since I refused, no superpowers.

Now I go to monthly IV drugs for 5 more months, and 6 pills a day for life, or until the FDA steps in and pulls the drug to reserve it for our overlords. Which is why I signed on for this. You know their cures come from experimenting on the peasant class. Even if that happens, it will take years for the bone cancer to come back. My expiration date has been extended indefinitely, or until at least 5 years or so after the drugs stop.
 Quoting: Gomez


You are such a.blessing to us...so.glad treatment is working!
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