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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle NOLAangel
Post Content
Please, anyone, continue to pray for my protection, against someone who raped me (a former friend) I ignored all the red flags. His name is Throy.
 Quoting: StrongLion

I hope you went to the ER and made a police report.
 Quoting: tiger1

Praying for you that you will have the strength to get through this and the courage to report it.

I am struggling with suicide ideation. No serious plan or anything like that, just disturbing images popping in my head when feeling despair. Not concerned I would act just want whatever is bothering me away. Could I please have prayers?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75538413

Anytime those images come into your head, rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Try reading the Bible and praying when this happens.
Praying for you.

Prayers said for everyone here and for all requested prayers. May everyone have an enjoyable day tomorrow!
 Quoting: TrustNoOneKS


Lord reinforce my prayer that whenever i do a 24 hour fasting ,that it manifest as my longest fasting period to date after that, and that is communicable to other fasting believers by prayer and laying on of hands and strengthen it amen
 Quoting: FHL(C)

Agreeing in prayer with you.
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