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Daily Prayer

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10/17/2006 12:46 PM
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Daily Prayer
Harvest Festival Idea: Lordís Prayer

I have enjoyed using the following skit at different Harvest festivals. It can be used for ventriloquism, for puppets, or with two characters, one obviously a little slower in thinking than the other.

1: Hello! My name is [insert name. And this is my friend, [insert friendís name].(to friend) Would you like to say a word of prayer?
2: HELP!
1: What was that?
2: A word of prayer!
1: Would you like to pray?
2: I donít know how to pray very well. (pause) But I have been studying the Lordís prayer!
1: That would be good.
2: How does it start?
1: Our father
2: OUR father? We have the same father?
1: (point to heaven) Yes, we do.
2: That makes you my sister! (to a man or brother to a woman).
1: Iím talking about my father in heaven.
2: Your father is in heaven?
1: Yes.
2: Iím sorry to hear that. How did he die?
1: Iím talking about God! God is our heavenly father.
2: God is our father?
1: Yes.
2: Weíre Jesus?
1: No. When you ask Jesus into your heart you become a child of God. Just say, ďOur Father%85Ē
2: Our Father
1: Which art in heaven.
2: Witches are in heaven.
1: NO!
2: Thatís what you said!
1: I said, Which! Not witches!
2: Thereís a witch in heaven.
1: Itís not a witch with a pointy hat. Itís a different kind of which.
2: Well, which witch is which?
1: Just say, ďGod, you are in heaven.Ē
2: I think he knows that.
1: But he wants us to know who weíre talking to.
2: (look up) God, Iím talking to you! (Like a parent scolding a child.)
1: Show some respect.
2: Oh, yes. Dear God, you are in heaven.
1: Hallowed be thy name.
2: Halloween is your name.
1: NOT HALLOWEEN! Hallow ED! Hallow means holy. Godís name is holy, so you say, Hallow-ed.
2: Godís name is Ed? Doesnít he have a TV show?
1: His name is God! But it is a holy name!
2: Oh, yeah! G-O-D! Thereís a hole right in the middle of it!
1: Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
2: Where on earth is the seven-eleven?
1: Give us this day our daily bread.
2: Give us this day our daily pizza.
1: Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
2: Pay off our credit cards, if we forgive others.
1: Lead us not into temptation.
2: We already know where it is.
1: For thine is the kingdom
2: And the power
1: And the glory
2: Forever
1: Amen.
2: And a-women.

[link to www.forhiskidz.com]