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Subject Why are all the Muslim arguments for the existence of God so poor and childish?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have watched some videos of atheists debating with Christians, and there are a lot of Christian speakers that actually make good coherent arguments for God's existence. Even the ones that don't accept evolution still come across as making some sense.

The Muslims on the other hand seem very very poor at constructing any good arguments or points against the atheists, and what they say is laughable and childish. Here's an example:

This guy Zakir Naik is considered one of the best authorities on Islam and one of the best at debating atheists. The video has thousands of likes but if you skim through this video and actually listen to the answers he gives it's the very basic stuff that even a child would say.

Why are Muslims completely unable to make any logical sense or come up with any decent arguments for God's existence? Plenty of Christians are able to debate the atheists and hold their own but the Muslims end up looking silly and immature.
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