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Mandela Effect - Brady Bunch Parallel Universe Proof


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05/12/2016 03:43 PM
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Re: Mandela Effect - Brady Bunch Parallel Universe Proof

 Quoting: SpaceCommand

Can somebody go the 39 minute 27 second mark on this show.
In that clip, it shows all three girls when they were young.
The character of Jan is NOT Eve Plumb--it is the girl who is the actress playing the second daughter in this new Variety Show.

The question is: Did they spice in a picture of the new girl so as to make her seem like the original OR IS THAT AN ACTUAL CLIP FROM THE ORIGINAL AND IN THE UNIVERSE WHERE THEY HAD THE VARIETY SHOW, A DIFFERENT ACTRESS PLAID THE PART OF JAN BRADY ALL ALONG?

PLEASE--somebody with some knowledge of how these clips work--please go to the 39:27 mark and see if the NEW Jan was spiced in after the fact or if she was the original character all along.

It is definately not the original Jan.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12851403

Is the Eve Plumb character replacement at the 39 minute 27 mark of the above episode a splice or is this the character in the different parallel universe? Please take a look--the character in the Brady Bunch Variety show is shown as a child in the original series show. Is it a splice or is it real?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12851403

39:27 - yes that's Eve Plumb. It was when they still straightened her hair and before glasses and puberty.

And no one's mentioned The Brady Brides yet. IIRC (going completely from memory and haven't watched the video yet), it was the Brady Bunch, the animated show, the variety show, a made for tv movie leading to creating The Brady Brides tv show, and then another tv movie and finally The Brady's. Plus 2 feature films that were parodies. And I think I've forgotten a tv movie. hmm

While I believe all the boys stuck with all the various incarnations - each of the girls needed to be replaced in one or another of the incarnations. Jan for the variety show, Marcia in one or two of the movies, and Cindy in The Bradys. I think.

Yes folks, the Brady's were on tv in one show or another for almost 30 continuous years - not counting reruns which have run non-stop for more than 40 years.
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