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Message Subject Customer Service Has Gone to Crap!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
New retail models taught are all about maximizing profit through using as few hours of payroll possible.

You don't see cashiers at registers anymore because they are made to run registers while completing other store projects.

The only salaried people on staff now due to new overtime regulations are Store Managers. All others, Assistants, and Shift Managers are now hourly and not allowed OT ever. In fact most don't get 35 hours a week.

Most retail Store Managers now work 55 to 65 hours per week and turnover is rapidly growing. Most only last a few years then they get fired or burnout. Last retailer I worked for had 50% Store Manager turnover a year. I know one large pharmacy chain where Store Manager turnover is 65 to 70% a year.

Salaries in Retail Management for GM's have remained the same for 10 years now. Real wages have slipped badly. For other management positions wages have dropped even more. Bonuses which used to be 10k or 20k a year are now limited to 10% of salary and that is only if you meet impossible budget expectations.

The middle class is being systematically wiped out by Globalism and Supercorporations.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72449633

Again, we enable the system.

It's up to the employees to draw the line, say "enough is enough". Demand less or more hours (depending on the situation). Demand adequate compensation.

If ALL of us (us, as in the "work force") agree to these terms, there would be no one willing to fill the position, meaning the employer would have no choice but to comply.

I know this all sounds unrealistic, but it really is that easy.
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