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The Wal-Mart is hurting my friends.

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United States
08/14/2016 01:46 PM
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The Wal-Mart is hurting my friends.
Now that I have left, they are hurting my friend Lola. They are making her do my job back in the shoe department. It would take me 3 to 4 hours usually to clean the shoe department and to deal with the "cart o'crap", which was a shopping cart that people had left back there for me which was full of shoes. Some of the shoes had tags and hangers and just needed to be put back, but some of the shoes did not have tags and that meant I had to go find the gemini and a printer to make react tickets for the shoes. I also had to find hangers. I had a box of hangers.

They are making Lola deal with the cart o crap and pick up the department. It is really awful. I guess I should have known that they would do that, but I was working in apparel for 3 months and wasn't doing shoes at all. I guess I thought that it would go back to the way that it had been.

I was a good employee. I just wasn't going to be jerked around by the Management. They don't treat the employees very good.

I am so sorry for what they are doing to Lola. I told her not to worry about the cart of crap. Just take out the shoes that have tags and can be hung and leave the rest of it for Becky. Management is going to have to make 3rd shift quit loading a cart with shoes that they don't want to put away. They have been doing that to me for months. I have no idea what 3rd shift actually does, but they sure don't zone anything. That much is sure.

Poor Management.
Christard and Lover of God
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78362665
01/19/2020 05:59 PM
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Re: The Wal-Mart is hurting my friends.