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Message Subject Satan wants Americans to be disarmed
Poster Handle Clockwork 1126
Post Content
Quite opposite. Obama wants us armed to the teeth so we can kill each other. He will then unleash more death by bringing in a greater force with weaponry that makes a bullet look like a slingshot, more death.

Gun's are an Idol... Know Jesus...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69440164

I didn't say Obama, I said satan.

This is exactly why he will get us disarmed because the men will not acknowledge who their true enemy is.

The true enemy is satan. Obama is just satan's water boy. Hillary is the same way. It's satan that wants to kill you and your family and enslave them. It's so simple that a child can understand it, but you people will never be able to even speak it.

You won't go to Heavenly Father and ask Him to protect our rights and freedoms. I can't get my husband to lay in the bed and talk to The Lord. You feel embarrassed by doing this and say that I am mentally unstable because I do it.

But, you are all going to die. When you die, you are immediately going to be thrust into the Spirit World where you will KNOW that everything I have told you is real. Just because I have a line in to the Spirit world and you don't doesn't mean that it isn't exactly as I have stated.

The Bible tells us that satan accuses us day and night before Father of all kinds of things. He slings mud, hoping that some will stick.

The men and women of this planet will not come before God often enough and in great enough numbers to acknowledge The Lord. He is the keeper of our freedoms and the giver of our lives.

satan seeks to strip you of everything. he never stops, day or night. he never will stop coming at you so long as you live. he's a mass murderer and a cold blooded killer. I am telling you, he's behind these people. You need to pray against him to Father. Tell Father that we need His protection. God is the only one who can afford us this. Why should He do so when the men and women hate Him?

satan is winning.
 Quoting: BunBun

Bun Bun, didn't realize it was you. Yes you are correct.

Guns are part of a Psy-Op. They aren't needed. They will be used to trap more souls.
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