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Mind Control Technology Used to Create Racism on College Campuses (A hidden reason for the emergence of segregated housing)

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/08/2016 04:48 PM
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Mind Control Technology Used to Create Racism on College Campuses (A hidden reason for the emergence of segregated housing)
First let me show that American covert intelligence agencies have advanced mind control technology at their disposal. It can be used to control a person's speech in real time.

When a person consciously desires to speak, wave forms containing the brain's encoding of what they will say appear in the Broca's area, the region of the brain associated with speech.

Covert black ops technology is able to read these brainwaves and then implements a "noise cancelling" algorithm that "flat lines" the wave of the speech that the person wishes to produce. It does this by projecting into the speaker's Broca area an antiphase interference pattern.

See: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)] , specifically the section on antiphase interference.)

Once the person's willful speech is cancelled, the technology inserts the speech of the mind control operator. This can be a person or a software package.

The following videos show this technology in action:

It is worth mentioning that the reporter in the last clip, Serene Branson, was later interviewed about the incident.

The interview is a coverup. In spy parlance it is a limited hang out (LHO)--coincidentally also the initials of Lee Harvey Oswald

This coverup serves a purpose. It is a way to delegitimize complaints of victims of real time mind control technology. The interview with CBS Los Angeles channel 2 contains an interview with Neil Martin, M.D. then head of neurosurgery at the Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center. His role in this psyop is to give false information about her behavior and his educational pedigree creates an air of proof by authority.

The medical community is part of the fear based control mechanism that prevents victims from being heard. Victims who complain of being a victim of mind control to mental health professionals, especially "well-known" and "respected" ones, are often placed on an involuntary mental health hold at a psychiatric hospital where they are further terrorized into silence.

Link to the coverup interview with Serene Branson:

At this point I hope to have established that there exists powerful mind control technology and an intelligence network of professionals who make certain it remains secret.

Now I wish to address the subject of a thread posted today at GLP. It can be found here: Thread: University now offers segregated housing to shield black students from "microaggressions"

The offer of segregated housing to shield black students from "microaggressions" is recruiting African American students to be unwitting victims of mind control technology that will reshape their brains so that they are more violent and display a more fervent hatred for whites.

The covert mind control warfare program works by allowing black students to self select into segregated housing. This is achieves the objective of getting two types of students. One type is an individual who social background predisposes him to anti-white sentiment. The other is a student that is willing to go along with the herd into a vogue movement--in this case Black Lives Matter.

By allowing self selection, the mind control operators have a group whose minds are already amenable to the alterations planned.

The technology used will be a remote form of technology similar to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. See: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

An article about repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation at Yale psychiatry states, "Low frequency (once per second) TMS has been shown to induce small, sustained reductions in activity in the part the brain that has been stimulated."

[link to medicine.yale.edu (secure)]

Likewise high frequency TMS can increase activity in parts of the brain.

The mind control operators will target these students with high frequency waves in the motor cortex and dis-inhibit its function. Note that this ties in with the violent nature of current elementary school physical education classes in the sense that the operators are already shaping the mind toward a violent, confrontational temperament in elementary school.

See the Oregon Health Education Standards and Benchmarks especially the sections that refer to physical education: [link to www.ode.state.or.us]

In order to cause hatred for whites, the operators will project a neural waveform that represents a generic white person into the visual cortex during sleep and create a pathway from the memory of that image to the part of the brain associated with violence, aggression and hatred.

Now the operators have created a group of people that are more angry and more easily swayed into a violence.

To conclude: the black ops sections of the U.S. use education, entertainment, culture and technology to divide us with hatred.