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Hopi's Predict End of World

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 52132351
United States
09/29/2016 01:22 AM
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Hopi's Predict End of World
American Indians are the biggest imbeciles on the planet. We bitch-slapped their asses onto reservations because instead of fighting and thinking they were getting high on peyote and praying to totem poles. If they had any real information they wouldn't still be living in the stone age. Oh yeah, and that myth of the noble red man is just that for the most part. They were not some united front living in peace and harmony....it was every tribe for themselves with constant war, theft, stealing kids for slaves, stealing crops, horses and sabotaging any tribe not yours. My grandmother is a full blood Creek and those idiots still believe in Little People, black magic and all kinds of nonsense. I may be a quarter Indian but THIS IS THE AGE OF REASON ASSWIPES! GLP is the quest for the truth and the facts must stand up to scrutiny.

These Hopi's are just spouting off non-specific platitudes about some kind of non-descript end of the world event.
[link to www.express.co.uk]

Why are prophecies never something like, "Next Tuesday, the Moon will get hit by Mars due to the gods playing galactic pool. They are not happy with the state of affairs on Earth and it's time for change. Earth will be put in the corner pocket (the sun). Say goodbye it's over douche machines."